Quattro Motors Service Center in Redford, MI

Why Have My Vehicle Serviced with Quattro Motors?

At Quattro Motors, we know that you'll want to enjoy each leg of your driving journey. To ensure that this will happen, the Quattro Garage located just across from our Redford dealership takes care of your maintenance needs. Stop by to hear more today.


Though it's easy to overlook, having proper and routine maintenance performed on your automobile is one of the highest-priority tasks you can undertake. Perhaps most importantly, it will increase the longevity of your automobile, making it suitable to drive for longer periods of time. Not to mention, it can also improve your safety, as a poorly operating vehicle may unintentionally put you in harms way. Having the proper amounts of fluids within your vehicle allows other systems - such as windshield wipers - to be utilized to their full potential. And, since the probability of an accident is reduced following proper services, you won't have to worry about paying extra on repair costs.


Knowing that your car may already have some mileage on it, our at Quattro Motors have taken steps to ensure its wellbeing. Thanks to our extended used car warranty, repairs that would otherwise be costly are reduced in price. Our selection of used vehicles come with several applicable extended warranty options to serve you and our local community with protection. At its advertised price, you'll be most likely to receive a 12-month warranty with the potential for up to 36 months. However, since lengths vary, your contract could be within the range of anywhere from 3 months to as many as 4 years so that those seeking both short- and long-term vehicles will benefit. Thus, you'll feel more at ease knowing that you're secured while driving a set of wheels.


When you're with us at The Quattro Garage, our mechanics can help out in various ways, thanks to a long of available services. Many times we have service specials to make your experience cost-effective. Plus, an abundance of opportunities are available to ensure that your set of wheels remains in good standing. These includes routine procedures, such as oil changes and filter changes, tire rotations, and services. Performed properly, this will result in keeping your equipment operating at peak potential, such as when your oil receives proper lubrication, and our technicians are just as capable of completing emergency maintenance when called upon. If your brake pads need immediate replacing to keep you from slipping and sliding, we can get the job done. Not to mention, you may have your tire treads looked at to make sure they're gripping the road effectively.

At the Quattro Motors Service Center in Redford, MI, our technicians work to maintain a high standard for excellence. Pay us a visit at 24855 Plymouth Road in Redford MI, or contact us at 313-537-5555. We look forward to hearing from you!


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