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The Ins and Outs of Used Car Financing

One word that you'll hear tossed around quite a bit when it comes to buying a car is "financing." Essentially, financing helps you buy a car that's more expensive than you could afford to buy with the money that you currently have on hand. This is great news for Livonia and Redford, MI buyers at Quattro Motors because it allows you to buy a great car with low mileage that you can enjoy for many years to come. 

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Setting a Budget for Your Next Vehicle Purchase

At Quattro Motors-Redford in Farmington Hills, we love to make the purchasing experience for used vehicles as easy as possible for our customers. Ensuring you have a reasonable budget and are responsible with your money is an excellent start to purchasing your next vehicle. If you want to finance a car, you'll have a car payment, insurance payments, and you'll need money for gas and maintenance. Redford MI drivers may also want to save money for vehicle accessories or regular cleanings.

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Use Your Stimulus Check or Tax Refund as Your Down Payment

Are you in the middle of shopping for a used car? Did you recently get your stimulus check or annual tax refund? You can use that money as a down payment on your next ride. Quattro Motors, serving Farmington Hills, has an assortment of used vehicles on sale. We have pre-owned cars, SUVs, and trucks for cheap prices. Using your tax refund or stimulus check on your next mode of transportation will help you get the keys to a quality vehicle from:

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