Our team at Quattro Motors-Redford in Farmington Hills is ready to answer any questions you have on buying a used car near the Redford MI area. The biggest reason to purchase a used vehicle is almost always to save money. Whether you want a lower depreciation, lower monthly payments, or lower insurance, buying a used car can almost always deliver less financial obligation versus a new vehicle.


You won't feel the full effects of depreciation if you purchase a used vehicle near Livonia. If the car you want is more than three years old, you will see much less depreciation than a newer vehicle. If you come to our dealership in the market for a car that is three years old or more, you will see a significant price difference between our new and used models.


Even if you want a luxury vehicle, your insurance rates are lower as long as it is used. The higher the mileage and the older the car, the more you'll see a discount.


Used cars near Detroit may still have warranty time that comes with the vehicle. You can also opt to have another warranty on the vehicle, which may be worth it for peace of mind. Used cars tend to be a lot more reliable these days, so buying used isn't as risky as it was in the past.

Get a Better Car

If you want a car that tends to be pricier but can't afford to buy it new, Southfield MI drivers may be able to afford the model they wish to if they purchase it used. You'll have more options in trim levels if you are buying used as well.

Certified and Inspected

Consider a used car because it is inspected or certified to be mechanically sound. There are also auto history reports, so you can know your vehicle's details before you buy.

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